Dimplex Hub

Dimplex Hub

E7 Electrical Services - DimplexHub 1

Connect your Dimplex product* to Dimplex Hub and control them remotely via the Dimplex Control app**.

  • Creates a radio frequency network that supported Dimplex products can join
  • Allows connected Dimplex products to send and receive commands
  • Quick setup using the Dimplex Control app step-by-step wizard
E7 Electrical Services - DimplexHub 2

What is the Dimplex Hub?

Dimplex Hub acts as the bridge between radio frequency (RF) Dimplex products* and the Dimplex Control Cloud server. This Hub connects via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Control and monitor your heating and hot water with Dimplex Control. Group heaters into zones to easily control and track their usage. Any time. Anywhere.

  • Zoned control – Quickly view and change heating mode
  • Easy set-up – The app features a step-by-step setup wizard so you can start using the system quickly without having to leave the app.
  • Control your hot water – See how much hot water is available at the set temperature (Requires a compatible Dimplex Quantum Water Cylinder QWCd)
  • Monitor energy usage by heater, zone or site with an hourly, 7 day, 28 day and annual view
  • Remote access – Monitor and control your heating from anywhere in the world using the Dimplex control app and a mobile data connection.
  • Support – See fault reported on the app and request help using service mode.

* Only specific heater models and series letters are supported. Compatible products may require additional hardware. 

**App control requires download and usage of the Dimplex Control app onto a compatible device. Dimplex Control requires the creation of a Dimplex Control account and is subject to agreement of the GDHV Internet of Things (IoT) Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.