Creda TSRE Storage Heater

Creda’s Slimline fan assisted Storage Heater

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The Creda TSRE Storage Heater

The Creda TSRE is a modern, LOT 20 storage heater that is an ideal replacement for older storage heaters. Featuring a clean look and reliable performance, the TSRE represents the new non-high heat retention standard for storage heating, raising the bar over conventional storage heaters.

TSRE storage heaters offer dynamic storage calculation, adjusting the amount of energy that is stored to meet the user’s requirements without wastage. As a result, a greater amount of electricity can be saved with off-peak energy.

Users have greater control over their heating with the built-in timer, allowing heating times and temperatures to be defined. Heat leakage has also been greatly reduced allowing the room to be at a comfortable temperature in the morning and still have enough stored energy to heat on a night.