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The Dimplex Quantum Heating System gives homeowners a low-cost, low-carbon, electric heating system. The system offers unrivalled running costs and will use decreasing amounts of carbon over its lifetime. Dimplex is the world leader in energy efficient electric heating solutions for over 60 years. Dimplex has built its portfolio to the point where it is now the brand leader in electric space heating offering over 700 products, the widest in the world. Its growth can be attributed to providing affordable heating solutions that are efficient, reliable and durable, as well as attractively designed.

The UK heating market is changing at a very fast pace. Rising CO2 emissions and spiralling fuel costs mean find a more energy-efficient way to heat our home is our main priority.

The Economy 7 Company is proud to be Installing UK’s most efficient brand of electric storage heaters. With the Economy 7 Company, you can replace your old manual storage heaters with our modern low input off-peak, high heat retaining automatic storage heaters with minimal or no disruption to your home. Now with 24-hour control, you will never need to guess the weather outside, you’re in control of your heating day and night.

The Quantum off-peak heater will adapt to its environment to give you heat on demand. Electric heating is clean and 100% efficient and has a zero carbon footprint at the point of use in your home. Electrification of heating should be considered as a high priority given it has a significant impact on total emissions.

*Quantum is up to 27% cheaper to run and uses up to 22% less energy than a standard storage heater system. Quantum is also up to 47% cheaper to run than direct heating systems. Calculated using SAP2012 – the ONLY government approved energy performance assessment method.

More Reasons to Choose Quantum Heating

    • Products have been approved by the Green Deal
    • The heaters are Made in Britain
    • Free heating design survey
    • Extended warranty with all products
    • Energy efficient saving you up to 27%
    • Heaters are BEAB APPROVED for added safety and peace of mind


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